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How to Start using Microsoft Fabric today


Microsoft Fabric is whithout a doubt the next big thing for Enterprise Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. In this quick guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to get started with Microsoft Fabric's free trial, giving you a hands-on taste of its powerful capabilities

Microsof Fabric Modules

  1. Create an azure account
  2. You must be the admin of the azure account in order to connect your Entra ID to a custom domain
  3. Connect your domain to Entra ID
  4. Create a user inside your domain e.g. mungana@yourdomain.com
  5. Note: You can skip step 1 - 3 if you already have a work or school account that does not end with outlook.com
  6. Once you have an organisation account, you can proceed to app.fabric.microsoft.com
  7. Sign up to Fabric with your organisation / custom domain connected account
  8. When prompted, click accept to sign up for the 60 days trial and start playing around with Fabric
  9. After your trial you can provision more capacity from the azure portal menu

Screenshot: Provision Microsof Fabric Capacity on Azure

  • As you can see, the prices are quite steep, so you still pay for the management overhead that Fabric shields you from
  • Hence it is wise to compare how much can be saved by using PAAS model provided by Synapse over the SAAS model provided by Fabric.